Static Mixers

Custom designed static mixers

PRIMIX static mixers are completely custom-designed, according to the use and process that the customer requires. They can be sized for virtually any volume, density, viscosity, and special characteristics of substances.

Which are the advantages of static mixers?

  • They have no moving parts, gaskets, or shaft seal.
  • Low-energy consumption.
  • No maintenance and no risk of leaks.
  • Predictable homogenization.
  • They are profitable.
  • Process scalability.
  • Tubular mixer in line with the process.

Uses of static mixers

PRIMIX static mixers are used for mixing, emulsifying, suspending, or heat treatment of gas, liquid, and solid (powder and small particles).


  • Gas: ammonia and exhaust gases
  • Liquid and gas: water and CO2
  • Non-mixable liquid: water and oil
  • Mixable liquid: water and alkali

Easy to clean static mixers

Static mixers are very easy to clean in a “Cleaning in Place” cycle and, depending on requirements, can be performed hygienically, sterile, and aseptically (Sterilization in Place). For mixers with removable elements, cleaning can be done outside the tube.