PRIMIX® PMV series static mixer

PRIMIX static mixers are designed and manufactured based on the customer’s process and specifications, to achieve maximum optimization and performance.

PRIMIX’s extensive knowledge in the field of fluid dynamics is combined with a precise way of working and execution at the manufacturing process.

Main features:

  • Minimum diameter 50 mm.
  • Suitable for large diameters.
  • Suitable for gas mixing or high contact surface.
  • Used in both gas and liquid.


  • Connection in process lines.
  • Absolute absence of leaks.
  • It contains no moving parts.
  • It does not require mechanical seals.
  • Low or no maintenance.
  • Easy to clean on a CIP/SIP cycle, and the system can have a completely sterile/aseptic finish depending on process requirements.


  • Mixing.
  • Heat exchange.
  • Dispersion.