Manual polyelectrolyte preparation unit


  • The manual polymer preparation system can be adapted according to the presentation supplied, it can be powder, emulsion, or a mixed system.
  • The manual preparation unit is designed for batch preparation.


  • High-density polyethylene, 100% virgin tank.
  • Food grade, resistant to highly corrosive and abrasive substances.
  • 250 up to 5,000 L capacity.
  • Mixing system using a slow turning agitator, which stimulates the homogenization of the solution and the creation of polymer chains.
  • Dilution funnel with ball valve, for manual regulation of powdered polymer.
  • Dosing pump for emulsion polymer.
  • Pneumatic level detector.
  • PVC ball valve connections (filling and emptying).


  • It allows direct passage to the dosing process.
  • Maximum hydration of the polymer during the process.
  • It achieves a perfectly homogeneous mixture.