TBHM series submersible mixer

CRI-MAN® is positioned in the market as one of the most recognized manufacturers of submersible agitators and submersible mixers worldwide.

The high quality of materials, manufacture, and service of its submersible mixers are the basis of this prestigious brand.

It has a wide range of submersible agitators used for the processing of sludge, manure, biogas, and civil and industrial effluents.


  • Mixer type: submersible with a hydraulic motor.
  • Stainless steel propeller with self-cleaning profile.
  • Fixed installation with hydraulic unit, or mobile arm controlled with a hydraulic circuit./li>
  • Axial thrust 3800 N (854 lb).
  • Max. hydraulic circuit oil flow max. 90 lpm. (24 US gpm).
  • Max hydraulic circuit oil pressure max. 160 bar (2318 psi).


  • Planetary gearboxes.
  • Double sealing systems.
  • Self-cleaning propellers.
  • Thermal probe sensors.


  • Sludge processing.
  • Manure processing.
  • Biogas.
  • Civil and industrial effluents.