Autofloc polyelectrolyte preparation unit

  • Autofloc is an automatic polymer preparation system used for the agglomeration of suspended particles.
  • The polymer dosage system can be adapted according to the presentation supplied. It can be powder, solution, or even a mixed system.
  • The automatic preparation unit is designed for continuous and controlled preparation, enabling going directly to the dosage stage.


  • Operating capacity from 500 to 10,000 L / h.
  • Tanks with 2 or 3 compartments, with a diffuser for humidifying the polyelectrolyte.
  • Mixing system using slow-turning mixers, which stimulates the homogenization of the solution and the creation of polymer chains.
  • Automatic and continuous equipment feeding system.
  • Regularization valve and flow meter, to adjust and control the water supply.
  • Powder or emulsion flow, adjustable by speed variator and regulated by PID controller.
  • Control panel to control the operation (optional touch control).
  • Level detector with a warning signal.


  • It allows direct passage to the dosing process.
  • High polymer savings.
  • Maximum hydration of the polymer during the process.
  • It achieves a perfectly homogeneous mixture.
  • Special equipment to work with three stirrers automatically.
  • Its equipment with an electrical dashboard allows automatic dosing.