AKO® pinch valves

We offer the most complete range of AKO ® pinch valves

Line of AKO pinch valves, applicable in several industrial processes.

Some of the features that you can find in their technical sheets are their advantages, the manufacturing materials, the types of connection, its industrial functions, among others.

What advantage do AKO® Pinch Valves offer?

  • They have applications in different industrial processes.
  • The pneumatic versions work directly with liquid or compressed air.
  • The mechanical versions can be controlled through different drives.
  • They distinguish for having a practical, simple, and durable design.
  • They can be installed easily in small sections of pipe.
  • They allow blocking abrasive or fibrous media as well as suspensions.
  • Ideal for pneumatic transport.
  • Hermetic sealing capacity with solids inside.