CFG Mixers’ Industrial Mixers

At CFG Mixers we have more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we design and manufacture the highest quality mixers for a wide variety of applications and fields, which improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your factory processes.

How do we achieve this? Thanks to our continuous research and development process.
We develop calculation platforms applying the latest technological breakthroughs, to increase efficiency, energy performance, optimizing costs, and enabling the operation of equipment.

We also certify, through exact simulations of the behavior of CFD—Computational Fluid Dynamics— and FEA—Finite Element Analysis—, that the manufactured equipment is suited to specific stirring tasks.

We are certified by ISO 9001: 2015, so that the quality of all our processes is guaranteed.

Thanks to the above-mentioned, we can design and manufacture a wide range of equipment to suit the specific needs of your project.

What is an industrial mixer?

An industrial mixer is a system dedicated to the agitation and mixing, in charge of forcing the movement of fluids, by mechanical means, through one or more propellers.

They are used to mix or homogenize the components, in addition to enabling chemical reactions, heat transfers, and mass transfers.

The type of mixer is determined depending on the unique attributes of the fluid and the agitation process in each case. Therefore, we design custom industrial mixers, intending to offer optimal, requirement-specific solutions.

What is an industrial mixer for?

Agitators or mixers are needed in a wide variety of industrial processes and almost all fields. A great number of functions depend on the type of mixture and the properties of each component, such as temperature, viscosity, density, speed and types of flow, intensity, amount of substance, among other variables.

These are some examples of its usefulness, depending on the type of mixture:

  • For liquid-liquid mixtures: homogenization, emulsion, and neutralization.
  • For liquid-gas mixtures: dispersion and dissolution.
  • For liquid-solid mixtures: suspension, coagulation, dissolution, and crystallization.

Additionally, certain stirring applications can involve different phases, such as fermentation and heat exchange.

Our Mixers

In our catalog, you will find a wide variety of mixers for different industrial processes, such as fermentation, homogenization, dispersion, suspension, flocculation, among others.

Top Entry Mixers

Industrial Mixer VPS

Easy to operate, low maintenance, and adaptable to any type of mix.

Side Entry Mixers

Side entry mixer HPS

Perfect for homogenizing products in high volume tanks.

Bottom Entry Mixers

Bottom entry mixer FDC

Also known as bottom entry mixers, they are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical products.

Special Mixers

Special mixer VAD

They are mixers of specific components that efficiently fulfill the most demanding tasks, such as the crystallization of sugar or the suspension of solids in mining.

Elevator Mixers

Stand mixer VTE

They are vertical mixers with an integrated elevator, according to the customer’s specifications. They can be either manual or automatic.

Polymer Preparers

Unit preparator Autofloc

They can be either automatic or manual and are perfect for the flocculation process in drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Advantages of our industrial mixers

  • Our designs adapt to the needs of your process.
  • They are manufactured with the highest quality materials.
  • They are easy to operate.
  • They are highly energy-efficient.
  • They are manufactured from the data analysis of our development model, which includes the verification of the product’s guarantee by simulations of fluid behavior.
  • All the equipment is subject to strict quality control.
  • Certified with ISO 9001 and other international standards.
  • Competitive prices and extensive warranty.
  • We provide installation assistance and after-sales maintenance.

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